Wholesale DIDs
We offer geographical & national phone numbers from more than 50 countries & 4,000 VoIPnVoIPes

VoIPnVoIP's DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing, also known as DDI/Direct Dial-In in Europe) are the perfect solution for service providers looking to bridge the gap between Internet telephony products and the traditional telephone networks.

Our service provides each DID number at low monthly costs with no per minute charges and flexible channel and routing options. Our VoIP media gateways convert incoming PSTN calls to VoIP and transport them to anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Our DID Numbers

  • Local numbers in over 50 countries
  • Callers from your telephone number's local calling area pay local rates instead of long distance or international rates when they call you.
  • DID numbers are billed on a fixed monthly fee basis with no per minute charges.
  • Each DID has 2 channels as standard, allowing 2 concurrent incoming calls on the same number. Additional channels can be purchased if required. All DIDs are limited to 10,000 minutes per month across all DIDs, unless purchased with a trunk. Additional minutes will be charged at 1 cent per minute.

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Dialer/CC Rates

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